Bonnie’s Story

Bonnie Matthews is a successful freelance illustrator who has contributed to more than 85 magazines, and illustrated 25 children’s books over the years. She has been drawing and playing with pens and paper ever since she can remember.

bon.before.426However, as her career took off – her healthy continued to spiral downward. She had always been overweight but when her doctor told her at age 43, that Bonnie would have to be on heart medicine the rest of her life; and that s
he could have a heart attack, she woke up. She’d never dieted or cared what she ate. But she didn’t want to end up having a heart attack like her father, and all her grandparents. That was just the wake up call she needed to begin a path of healthier eating, and learning how to move her body more in order to save her life.

Being stubborn and having never dieted or even read any books about fitness or weight loss, she began making small changes in her diet – by first cutting out ice cream, cheese and pizza. Then began simply walking. And in just a few months, she started feeling a little better. From there, she added in more fitness and learned how to lift weights and began cutting out processed foods and sugary drinks. How could she possibly stay focused enough to drop 130 lbs? She did it by visualizing who she wanted to be – and overcame her fears about starting. She worked hard and worked out every single day and dropped that weight within 2 years and landed as a guest on The Dr. Oz Show in 2010.

downsized_0510121834The show did their homework and asked for 10 years of her medical records, did blood tests to prove that she did indeed drop 130 lbs the old fashioned way and not with supplements or surgery. She reduced her high cholesterol, tryglycerides and blood pressure all in normal ranges simply by changing her diet and moving her body. Dr. Oz dubbed her a “Wellness Warrior” and added her as a blogger on their website. It was soon after that she began a community on Facebook at “Bonnie On Oz” where she’s become a motivational weight loss guru.

Since that day, she’s not only cofounded Freekeh Foods, which has launched the ancient grain into nearly 3000 stores nationwide, but she’s also got several cookbooks out including her latest release: “The Freekeh Cookbook” published by Skyhorse Publishing 2014. Bonnie’s also currently working on two others with Skyhorse, one on healthy grilling and one on healthy gluten free cooking.

Bonnie’s vibrant personality and positive outlook on life will inspire people to face challenges and push forth. “I truly believe you can do anything you set your mind to – if you visualize it.”

She’s hoping that her approach to healthy cooking will encourage folks to try new foods or learn how to make some old standards just a bit healthier. And with her sidekick, Cremora the cat at her side; maybe visitors to the site will have a few laughs along the way.

Click here to read Bonnie’s detailed blog post about her transformation.

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